There are no tourists here. We’re never only passing through looking for the gift shop. We’re here to feast like locals and live among the natives. We love and learn the language. We live the part. And yes, we reap the rewards.

You’ve sent stacks and stacks of admissions letters, but are you really being seen?  A folded letter is old news. It’s stale. Like the croutons that croutons would eat on a ceasar salad. Like the dusty old gym socks that someone left in the corner at the YMCA last year. Do you know what isn’t stale? Sending a mailer with a wristband on it. That’s genius.

When your coffee tastes like it was poured from a gold chalice once reserved for the great Greek gods, you can’t just throw it in any metal tin. Putting coffee this fine into a bag this delicate had to evoke just as much sophistication and personality as the specialty batch it was crafted from. Athena and Hermes approved.

What would a cheesesteak be without whiz? F. Scott Fitzgerald without Zelda? What is Funny Girl without Barbra? What is a K12 without the Heinz? Private Ketchup is the perfect complement to your private school’s ad campaign! We took the best of everything we were doing for our education recruitment clients and put them into one program designed specifically for the demands of private schools. We named the program Private Ketchup. Add Private Ketchup to your current campaign and see an immediate boost in excitement, exposure, interaction and interest. It’s the fast and easy way to increase awareness, lead generation and engagement instantly.