IF YOUR MARKETING PLAN JUST RAN DOWN THE STAIRS AND INTO THE STREET, STARK NAKED, SCREAMING LIKE A MAD MAN… if your advertising strays like a dog… if you spent the entire trade show making out a will… if you’re pinned down, feeling outgunned by competitors with deeper pockets… Whipp is for you.

Welcome to our club house. C’mon in and look around. You’ll notice lots of familiar names: Coca-Cola, Freightliner, Umbro and others, plus some we’re making more familiar every day. Are you having a crisis? Sales in a slump? Did your last campaign fall asleep at the wheel? Catch your breath, relax, you’ve come to the right place.

Out here, everybody knows you, the grass feels good between your toes and there’s a cold one in the icebox.

We came from Atlanta… DC… Philly… other cities and towns. We crammed wives, kids, dogs, big straw hats, flip-flops, elbow patches, and everything else into Jeeps, Beemers, and U-Hauls, then stomped on the gas and never looked back. We found a place between the beach and the mountains where the natives are friendly and trade us great stuff for mere trinkets.

Now what?

We write. We draw. We plan. We print. We publish. We broadcast. We take it from here. We make it easy for you. We have fun. Sometimes we work through the weekends. Sometimes we stand at the window and watch the parade go by. Right now we’re on the telephone with editors and writers. A foam dart arcs across the room and splashes into a coffee cup. We’ll work all night… again. Tomorrow we audition junkyard dogs trained to wag on command. The next day we’re off to some place in Utah to shoot on location.

We compete for the closest parking space on rainy days. And on sunny days we pile into convertibles and go for a ride. We work 26 hour days and 37 day months. We show up, we put in the blood and sweat, and it shows in our work.

Whipp is an advertising and public relations agency serving clients across the US. Besides the usually Addy Awards and such, we are also winners of an “Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Award” for business smarts and an “Innovision Award” from Deloitte & Touche for technological excellence. Good luck finding another agency with one of these! But beyond our prizes and trophies, what matters most to us is getting results for your company. Drop us a line. We look forward to adding Whipp to your marketing diet.