3 Fun Ways to Steal Back Your Creativity

Creativity is something that, for many, has been suppressed long enough through habitual daily life and societal norms that routine activities can often feel boring. We’ve all been there. You need to think of a great idea but BAM! You run straight into a plain grey concrete wall. There’s no way around, over, under, through it. Or is there? Most advice-givers will tell you that to stimulate your creative juices you should take steps such as running, eating healthy, avoiding television and other generic solve-all measures that will get you to your goal. For now.

1. Surprise yourself, you deserve it!

 While trying all of those methods may be great for increasing your brain activity, the ideas aren’t always very challenging or creative themselves, and sometimes can feel more like a daily workout and less like arts and crafts time. We want to get you back to that era. Try these out the next time you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone for some creative fun.
Remember when you were 12 and the best feeling in the world was to receive a gift? You would become overwhelmed with happiness and that giddy smile would be plastered across your face from ear to ear. It was fun to receive something you weren’t expecting, so why don’t we allow ourselves to feel that way more often? Curated gift boxes are brilliant and range from clothes to alcohol to shaving kits. Plus, there are so many to choose from, so your price point and interests will not hold you back.
You can even send one to your four-legged friend!
2. Turn something ordinary into a masterpiece.

There are some simple things you do on a somewhat regular basis that could be turned into something more creative with a little TLC. Picture this: You’re having your extended family over for a weekend barbeque and an Aunt asks for your delicious homemade potato salad recipe. Instead of scribbling it down on a 3×5 notecard and handing it over, consider making something like this for her. Not only will it probably make her day to see so much more than she was expecting, but you will unleash some of that pent-up creativity to get your hands out and actually make something. Or, try making the directions to your next social gathering a treasure map instead of a list. But don’t blame us if pirates start digging in your backyard…
3. Try to see something differently.

Take a walk with your iPhone. Have you ever though that gated doorway you usually pass to look like the letter “n” or that fence that created an “x” at one spot? You will be surprised at how many letters you will find when you are looking for them. A tip: use shadows to help too! After you have each letter of the alphabet, make a word and print them out as a piece of art.

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