3 steps to analyze and adjust your tactics

Are your leads getting “stuck” somewhere in the decision making funnel? Proper monitoring and analysis will help pinpoint the areas to adjust your offers and content. Think of this last phase as a “look, listen, and feel,” kind of step.
 Step 1: Assess your progress.

This means evaluating your implementation, planning, and impact of your marketing plan. In the beginning of this system, you created content that went along with a strategic plan, in which your team had an objective. Have you changed your objective, or “took your eye off the ball,” so to speak? Have your intentions changed? Are you focusing on the wrong stages of the decision making funnel?
If, when assessing, you are not where you wanted to be…the next two steps might explain what happened and why.

Step 2: Adjust your plan.

Sometimes juggling leads, visitors, and potential clients can be tricky. Many companies learn, after assessing, that they are devoting their time to the wrong people at the wrong time. This step is the time to modify that.

Our Whipp process makes sure your team is spending time in the right places. Because automated emails and workflows are juggling the visitors and leads for you…you can spend time nurturing the leads, which are about to sign on. This also frees time for creating more content. By this stage in the cycle, many companies neglect to remember the first phase: content is key. If the creation of compelling content has came to a halt, your visitors and leads may be at a steady decline.

This is also where a team comes in handy. A team can explain what you need to modify and how you need to adjust.
Step 3: It’s still a cycle.

At the end of one cycle, our permission based admissions marketing strategy is still an ongoing process. It requires constant care and updating beyond going through the motions just once. This means taking proper time and dedication.
But when it is executed correctly and consistently, it creates an ongoing system that creates and builds search equity and will continuously generate qualified leads for your company. Any money spent in this program is an equity investment that never goes away.

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