Be remarkably marketable on social media

Should your company be using social media?  We all need it, and it’s constantly changing at hyper speeds. Before your company decides to kick social media out the door, here are a few statistics:


COLOSSAL RIGHT? Virtually everyone is online and using! Even though there is a younger age demographic of users, over half of people age fifty and up are using social media! Marketers love that!
Social media allows companies to expand their reach to the 82% of online social media users out there. So expand.
However, not all social media platforms are right for your company or your company website. If your MySpace has not seen a comment for a year, it’s time to take it down. If none of your pictures on Pinterest have even been re-pinned or liked, it’s time to take that down too.
A HubSpot study showed that 65% of B2B companies have obtained a customer through LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook are better for B2C companies.
Whipp uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube. That’s 5 sites, not every other social media site known to man. If a site isn’t working out, meaning it’s not giving you any traffic, responses, leads, or sources…then delete and make a better image for your company:
Here are some Whipp tips for your social media channels:


  • Share “unrelated” yet attractive content.
  • Make it look cool
  • Make it easy and fun for people to share
  • Use tons of photos on your social channels (info-graphics, snapshots, designs…)
  • Incorporate social media into your website
  • Showcase your customers
  • Write about the things that interest your type of customers
  • Be unique- have a creative take
  • Be original, new and un-surfaced content is in this season


And remember, content in general is the new black. All online marketers are wearing it.

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