Creative Ad Campaigns that Co-Exist With the World Around You

Creative advertising campaigns can come in all shapes and sizes. While some brands choose to run campaigns centered around print ads and creative imagery, some focus more on ways to mix experiential marketing and guerrilla marketing into the mix. Sometimes it’s smart to find ways to incorporate your brand into creative ads using product placement that already exists without creating a completely new medium for your ad to exist.

  Kit Kat turned this bench into a convenient resting spot. Just don’t get your outfit dirty sitting on the chocolate end!

 Why walk accross white paint lines when you can walk accross fries? McDonalds realizes their fries mimic the pedestrian cross walk lines

 Gillette’s super-sized Fusion razor was attached to this zamboni that was transformed into a moving ad during ice-hockey games while they were making the ice smooth, playing on Gillette’s model to create a touchable smooth feel.

  Clean up the dirty bus stop with this Windex ad aimed at clearing the space between the mess of a fast city life and seeing clearly.
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