Google is goofing off: top 5 April Fool’s day pranks

Today is the one day a year that the most credible news sources, media outlets, and big name brands and companies get to be completely false. Why wouldn’t they take advantage of it? Looking around the web today, Whipp noticed a few BIG companies telling TALL tales. Here is our top 5 April Fool’s day pranks by online Gods:

1: We have to give the #1 spot to Google, only because they have done so many. If you didn’t fall for Gmail Blue, Or Google Treasure maps, maybe you did fall for Google Nose. Maybe Google nose should be the next project in line behind Google Goggles? The newest of Google’s “scent’sation’s” in search. Good one, Google, good one. Smelling really is beliveing. In all reality, Google treasures, we want to go!
2: Twitter. Sy gdby 2 A,E,I,O, &U nlss y py $5 a mnth. Incase you didn’t hear, everyone with an account can still use the basic service, Twttr, but you cannot use vowels, only consonants, unless you pay $5 a month. This one actually had some professional tweeters in panic for a minute.
3: Sony #techforpets. We love the idea of headphones for pets, why does this one have to be a joke? We love the two button remote that comes “paw friendly,” (Skype button included).We could talk to our pets anytime. This prank came complete with an entire webpage. And yes, they even made mock-up speakers for all the Hamster lovers out there.
4: YouTube Shuts down. OK, so this is also a product of Google, but after 8 years of service, no one wants to say goodbye to YouTube. The Video claims that they started YouTube in 2005 as a contest to find the world’s best video. The founders of YouTube thank you for all of your entries.
5: Scope Bacon MouthWash. Well, there are a lot of bacon enthusiasts out there today, but we doubt anyone wishes this wasn’t a joke. For some reason they did disclaim in a photo on the scope site that it wasn’t real though. #scopebacon
No, we didn’t forget about American Eagles Skinny Skinny Jeans, they just jumped the gun too soon to make the cut. Too bad they are sold out online though, we had a food fight at lunch.

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