How to get your college viewbook online

If you have considered it, or if you are struggling with it…putting your college viewbook online may be easier than you think.
Because this generation of high school seniors is a part of the digital world, where they never had to develop their own 35 mm film or flip the cassette to side B, they are used to getting information fast.
Having a viewbook online is no longer an option.
That said, what is the easiest, fasted, cheapest way to get your viewbook online? At Whipp, we have tried a few ways…but still believe that Issuu is the best way online to show off your school colors.
First, your university will need to create an Issuu account.
Next, you will need to upload your viewbook as single pages. Double page spreads will not upload correctly with Issuu.
Issuu has an upload form, where you will pick from settings and enter essential information like title, region, and type of publication. This form will also let you decide if your book is public or private.
Issuu makes it easy to share and embed your college view-book. Because this is the crown jewel of the admissions process, you’ll want to share it everywhere…on your website, and all of your social media sites.
If you want detailed information on how to get your viewbook online and start sharing…download our free step-by-step guide, complete with screen shots, demonstrating how to put your viewbook online with Issuu. The guide will explain how to create a free account, how to publish, share and embed, as well as a section of tips and tricks for a higher quality flip book.

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