Instagram policy change

Instagram can sell your photos for a profit without notifying you?!
There is an Instagram outrage right now due to their new, HUGE, policy change, just 3 short months after Facebook’s attainment of the site.  While all Instagram pics are low-res, most web-based photos are now a days. So if you are strolling along and take a great picture of this restaurant or that hotel, it can be sold to them, for Instagram’s own profit. This means you get no credit. Instagram makes a profit from your experience.
The impacting paragraph verbatim:

Instagram policy change, instagram


And OH: Instagram users…if you want opt out, make sure and delete your accounts before January 16—the day the policy starts, or you are out of luck.


READERS: Whipp wants to know what you think? Are you angry? Do you think there will be a similar change to the Facebook policy anytime soon? Will you be deleting your Instagram account?

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