Lucky Pipe

This is a photo of our friend Kanas. We’re sharing a pipe. For luck.  Its not something I would do with just anyone and i think that’s what makes it a special bonding experience. A group of intimate friends, sitting around a fire pit, breaking bread (and barriers) passing around a peace pipe. Stories are shared. Memories are made. And we all relax and let our guards down. I can see how this could become ritual. In the same way preparing the pipe itself serves as a kind of ritual. Filling the bowl. Just halfway. Tamping it down. Filling it again. Tamping again. Then adding the final loose, moist tobacco to the top right before lighting and taking the first draw. Its a moment to meditate. A shared meditation in this instance. And what could feel more creative, more spiritual, more inspiring than that. In the days ahead, I’m going to try, without institutionalizing, or formalizing anything, to think of some other ways to share meditative experiences with my friends here. I welcome any ideas you may have.
Target market? Or bad neighborhood.
Personal injury? Criminal law? Divorce? Bail?? I’m a little worried about where I’ve decided to stop for lunch…if this is the audience they’re selling to. But i am fascinated by this kind of advertising. The kind you find on menu’s and in restrooms. I’m thinking about brainstorming some ideas here for how to hijack some ad space like this for fun. Surprise a few people with something crazy and maybe create a microsite campaign for one of our more adventurous clients. Anybody want to join?

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