Make your higher education Pinterest stand out!


Pinterest, deemed the 3rd most used social network since March of 2010, is being used by higher education as visual proof to back up their marketing claims.
Some universities such as The University of Oregon have specified Pinterest accounts. Thiers is described as “The official Pinterest account for the University of Oregon athletic department. Go Ducks!” As most of their fans are avid Duck lovers, it suits their college.
Other universities such as Drake University use Pinterest for a variety of things. They have boards that range from cute pictures of bulldogs (their mascot) to fans boards, study inspiration, studying abroad, and room décor.
Even for profit colleges have Pinterest accounts. The University of Phoenix, uses Pinterest for many of the same reasons other Universities do:
1. It’s free
2. It’s a great visual stimulant for prospective students
3. You can reach a wide audience
4. It’s easy to use and share
5. It can be searched on specific terms
6. The benefit of connecting with other students and educators
7. Student involvement
8. Team and school spirit
9. Show off your campus
10. Shareable (infographic) career tips and student statistics
Pinterest is a good way for those working in the higher education market to share skilled information and resources. It is also a way for those on the admissions team to further explain the admissions process for students, and their parents (as moms are one of the #1 Pinterest users: Moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than the average American).
However, Pinterest is not the main focus of any admissions campaign. Sure, it is a great visual stimulant and is a great way to seek out potential students, but the niche for higher education on Pinterest is ineffective at being the sole recruitment tactic for future students. Keep in mind, online presence is a must for any school with a goal of higher recruitment numbers.
Keep in mind that too much self-promotion on any social media platform; including Pinterest can scare away followers and fans. There is a fine line between being unmistakably your University on Pinterest and being obnoxious. Show off your school mascot, and your school colors without forgetting to make it all relatable to your audience. You want future students to see themselves there, in your colors, in your classrooms, cafeteria, and dorms, without feeling like it was a forced thought.
Take a look at some of our ideas for your higher education Pinterest:
1. Show off student artwork, photography, and sports
2. Give students a chance to vote and critique other student visual work
3. Pin Healthy meal plans and exercise tips for students
4. Encourage student participation in school events
5. Sharable quotes, books, and reading lists
6. Have a board dedicated to student dorms and décor ideas
7. Have a specifically titled group board that students, Admissions counselors, or Alumni can pin to. EXAMPLES: 1. “Drake Alumni: Pin Your Pride.” 2. Whipp just recently got a Pinterst. Our Pinterst loving employees all have their own board for pinning things that inspire them.
8. Tell stories in your posts, make it interesting and inspiring (After all, the name Pinterest comes from somewhere).
9. Make sure it is fun. While many prospective students pick a college based on academics, they all want to enjoy the atmosphere and experience of college as well.
10. Actively interact on Pinterest. However you decide to focus your higher education Pinterest accounts…actively being involved is a must.

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