Pixar’s creative genius: Monsters University promo

The prequel to Monsters Inc. is scheduled to release June 21, 2013, and comes complete with a skillfully designed and quite remarkable marketing scheme.
Pixar took advantage of the college buzz taking place around the 2013 Rose Bowl Game by launching a parody commercial for their ostentatious mock-school website (which launched much earlier). The website, complete with a functional school store selling apparel is quite impressive. Who doesn’t want a six sleeved MU hoodie? Talk about a fun gift giving idea! The website also includes admissions, sports, academic, campus life, campus map, and staff pages. The detail is quite incredible, an ingenious marketing idea.
Their faux commercial (buzzwords included) and website are of higher quality than many  authentic colleges. While the message they peruse in the commercial is to participate in “groundbreaking research and the development of the next generation of leadership,” is, of course, the study behind scaring children, the commercial seems authentic, and at first tricks you into believing it could just be a real university.
No stone was left unturned in this creative campaign by Pixar.
Our MU hats go off to you, in amazement.

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