Rhodes? Where we are going…we have Rhodes

How does one become a Rhodes Scholar? Well, you become a Whipp intern first. Obvi.
Don’t believe us? Ask Rachel Woodlee.
Rachel came to us as an intern from Wofford College with humble beginnings. Sure, she could speak fluent Chinese, but she was constantly spilling water all over the office. She may have learned Adobe After Effects in a day and can rap better than Nicki Manaj, but would she have become a Rhodes Scholar without the Whipp experience?
BUT! That doesn’t keep us from taking credit for her brilliance and hard work! Before she was a Rhodes Scholar, she was our Instanding Outern. And now, along with being a killer volleyball star, Rachel is majoring in business economics and Chinese in her senior year at Wofford, looking towards her future at the University of Oxford in the U.K.
Congratulations, Rachel!! You gave us all even more of a reason to look up to you…but mainly because we have to. Amazon.
To see Rachel’s hilarious Whipp video, click here!

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