“Sonic Poster” Combines Sight, Sound, and Touch on Print Paper

A new design between Grey London and spice brand Schwartz led to a development of a colorful and unique print poster. Unlike most print posters, however, this piece of art was created to deliver some serious bang to your senses. Get ready to experience this “sonic poster,” bringing sight, sound, and touch to this flavor-full design.
“Feel Flavor” contains 16 different branches of colors extruding from the base of the piece. Each section represents a different spice or herb from fennel to cumin. The different colors are printed onto touch-sensitive ink, turning the colorful design into a medium of musical chords. When synched via bluetooth with a smart phone, a simple touch to the color components will emit sound from the phone, turning the art into an interactive symphony to any of its viewers.
(Image via: fastcodesign.com)

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