The DOs and DON’Ts of video campaigning with Vine

With the recent addition of video to the mix of social media regularities, it is no surprise that users are still in the process of figuring out exactly how to get their strategies and compilations to hit that sweet spot. While these free-for-all video platforms certainly cater to the novice and professional alike, the potluck of videos to view leaves a lot to be said about the unspoken rules of video campaigns and video strategy. What can you say in 6 seconds, really? Is there a correct and incorrect way to use video for promotion? We say yes.
1. DO walk the Line.
The greatest obstacle for creating an effective Vine campaign ad is keeping it fresh and inviting while simultaneously being informative and productive. Saying what you need to say in under 6 seconds is challenging, but companies such as Dunkin Donuts have found a way to walk that line, and you can too. Their recent Vine promo, scheduled for its television debut later this month, is relevant, creative, and informative. We suggest straying away from information overload by creating something fluid and simple like Dunkin did here.


2. DON’T be messy.

Any amateur can slur together a roll of still shots. Those annoying time fillers in sitcoms that show snippets of LA or NY are not going to sell your brand. The point (and the pitfall) of Vine is that only so much content can be expressed in so little time. While Dunkin may have found the perfect blend, American Apparel did not. Their short ad is cluttered with more content than the eye can even comprehend, resulting in an ineffective, confusing cluster of madness. If you are looking to use Vine in your campaign, learn from this mistake. Sloppy and disfunctional video makes for a disfunctional message, like this one.

3. DO stand out.

Vine is the land of amateur videographers. Anyone with a smart phone thinks they are the next Spielberg, when clearly they are not. Unless they are. Get your best creative minds on the case and develop ideas that are captivating and interesting without losing site of the general purpose. Take a note from Doritos, who in a recent Vine ad tackled their signature playfulness while keeping it informative. In under 6 seconds, their ad offers a promo, contest, and hashtag. Use Vine’s capabilities to give a description of the vid that will lay over the frame. It is vital space to say what your video can’t. Include your website address or twitter handle and a hashtag if you have one. This will direct viewer traffic to your site where they can learn more about your brand and keep the message flowing.

4. DON’T be ambiguous.

Get to the point. Use those precious seconds effectively. Trident dropped the ball with their latest Vine. It is awkward, unclear, and ineffective. If you take to Vine for your next campaign, make sure your point comes across clearly and concisely. And try to stray away from sounding creepy, like this ad.. Less can be more, but this just doesn’t cut it.

5. DO be relevant.

Incorporate pop culture into your ad. Vine users strive to create something unique and funny, and you should too. The goal is to direct attention to your product, and if you plan to use Vine, you are going to have to go all out to stand out. Tide isn’t known for being particularly creative or funny, but their recent contributions to Vine beg to differ. This ad parodies the latest remake of the trending horror flick, Carrie, to create an ad that is intriguing and relevant to today’s culture. It was perfectly released to coincide with the hype preceding the film and just in time for Halloween. Timing is everything, people.

Now go out and explore the fun world of Vine while keeping in mind these tips to make your videos a success! Have any suggestions on Vines that went above and beyond? Share them with us @WhippMe!

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