Vote for pleated pants: Don’t de-pleat options for men

Whipp recently noticed that there is an enthusiastic online outrage for pleat wearers, as if pleats are fanny-packs or the 1980’s prom dress of men’s pants.
Do the pleat wearers of the world really want to feel like they are gauging out the eyes of the anti-men’s-option-passerbyers on the streets?
Would they rather see an eighty-year-old man sporting skinny jeans, hipster t’s, and think black frames?
Have pleats become the new no white after Labor Day rule? Is it the same as wearing black and navy or brown and black?  NO!
Pleats are elegant and timeless. They are not the sweats you throw in the back of the closet and only pull out on laundry day. Pleats were never a trend, but one of two trouser options for men.
Things that were trends: Shoulder pads, fanny-packs, parachute pants, ed Hardy, velvet track suits, trucker hats, scrunchies, mullets, and popping your collar like it’s hot.
Pleats, however, were never a “trend.”  And yes, flat front pants are “in,” with a 1960’s sensibility about them, they are a perfect alternative to pleats, both classy and stylish. We are not saying that we dislike flat front pants.
We like both. We like options. We like choices.
We do not like being looked at as if we are wearing men’s jeggings, simply because some of  us choose to wear a more comfortable, still business sensible, type of pant.
There are two options for men: to pleat or not to pleat.
Stand up for menswear options, vote now.

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