Whipp list: 5 ridiculously outlandish and odd apps

Is there anything an App can’t do? There are apps for flashlights, apps for social media, apps for bubble wrap, animal sounds, voodoo dolls, apps to warn a guy when his lady is PMS-ing, and even apps help you choose who to drunk text.
Just because the odds are good (being that there are a million apps) that a few would be crazy…. we decided to search around our iPhones for a few ridiculous apps.
The game of searching for funny apps was actually kind of entertaining. I wonder if there is an app for that?

Pocket girlfriend:  Who needs real companionship when you can have a girl that always lives in your pocket? “More human than human,” is their motto!

Pocket girlfriend app, Whipp list of crazy apps, Pocket girlfriend whipp
iBeer—Can you get virtually drunk? We think that the apps that makes your phone screen steam like a shower, crack, break, and have bugs crawl on it all fall under the iBeer category: pointless.

iBeer app, Whipp list of odd apps
Poop checker : Healthcare will suffer over this one. Just check your poop with an app (after you choose your excrement shape and color) and the app will tell you if you are good to go or not. Most reviews said it was useful and funny. We couldn’t get anyone to test it out.



Hangtime—-Sure, the app specifically tells you NOT to throw your phone in the air and see how long it is there, but it also tells you how incredibly fun it is! This is a sure-fire way to break your iPhone. If an insurance company came up with this one, well then they are genius.
hangtime app, whipp list of odd apps

Pimp my body: Tattoo removal specialists just got upset; Now people can see how ridiculous a heart with the word mom in it looks on their arm next to that barbed wire.
pimp my body app, tattoo app, Whipp list of odd apps



Pimp my face: We found this one shortly after pimp my body, for obvious search reasons. You take a picture of your face, drag pimples onto it, and then pop them. This app got us thinking; maybe we should look through all of our friend’s phones and reconsider the friendship if this app is on their phone.

pimp my face app, pimple pop app, gross apps, Whipp list of odd apps

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