Whipp spotlight on Smithworks: Its How You Know Its Forever

In this town, if you’re looking for an engagement ring somewhere in the, let’s say, $60,000 range, you go to Smithworks. Lewis Smith is pillar of the community, trusted for generations, and a favorite in the zip codes where zip codes mean something. But Lewis wasn’t ringing bells in the young-love-first-marriage demo as much as he would like to (second, third, and fourth marriages were still strong) so he asked Whipp to help position him as the premier engagement ring retailer among the town’s A-list under 30 set.
We decided to feature real locals that everyone would recognize from work, school, church, etc. We invited a group of well known, attractive, kids about town who were actual Smithworks customers to come in and tell us their engagement stories.
Where did he propose? Did he get down on one knee? The whole thing. And of course…show us the ring. There was the guy who proposed under his late mother’s favorite tree, there was Marisa from The Amazing Race, there were tears and laughs, all on camera.
We deliberately edited in close-ups of rings (to catch your attention if you happened to be fast forwarding) with dazzling interior shots, and the tagline, “Smithworks. Its How You Know Its Forever.” The result was a series of twelve commercials that people couldn’t help but fall in love with.

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