Whipp’s Vintage Vanity

Vintage is a style today, not a way of life. People such as myself who enjoy vinyl records enjoy the subtle hum of the needle on the record. It sounds nice when I don’t mind sitting in my living room, hearing 4 or 5 tracks and then turning the record over.
Something about it is magical, like working with your hands. However, even old spirits like me know that technology is advanced and we take advantage of it. While I collect vinyl, I still have an iPad and I carry my music, notes, apps, and the internet with me everywhere I go. Vintage is a look, and a great feeling…but it’s no excuse to be behind on the times.
Working at a place like Whipp, we like to take old ideas and use them in a new fashion. Get with the times, google is there for every question you could ever possibly have. If you don’t know the answer, someone will. There  may not be stupid questions, but there are times when you shouldn’t ask until you use the tools this generation is so blessed to have before asking.

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