Winning Takes Talent, To Repeat Takes Character!

Everyone knows those famous words by John Wooden right? We found it fitting! The Wizzard of Westwood was, after all, the first to be named basketball All-American three times.
Wooden won three times, Whipp won three times!
We’re proud to announce that Whipp received three 1st place PICA awards this year from Genesis, one of the nation’s leading printing and publishing companies! PICA, which stands for The Printing Industry of the Carolinas, Inc., not “peace in creativity always,” incase you made that mistake too.
Piedmont’s Genesis Press, Inc. won 4 Best of Category Awards, 1 Special Judges’ Award and 4 Awards of Excellence. There were almost one thousand entries from 65 companies! Of those, Whipp received three 1st Place wins and one 3rd Place win.
Check out our first place wins:
1st place for our Wofford Travel Card
A campus map, a solar system, they’re the same thing right? We took a creative approach to a big problem: no one was reading the travel books! So we took a book, added some humor and tons of ways to get future students to the Wofford website. Voila! Problem solved, but don’t ask us for a detailed tour of the campus!

1st Place for Wofford Taking Chances
Wofford is known for its excellence in education, and at its core are their amazing students. We designed Taking Chances as a way to showcase some of them…and to make ourselves jealous of what these kids have accomplished while they were still in school. Twenty years from now, the students in this viewbook won’t be disappointed by the things they didn’t do!

1st Place for our eat up booklet, “Chow Down Town”

This little guide serves double duty for students and family visiting Wofford’s campus. In addition to pointing folks toward local favorites for food and beverages, we showcase a variety of choices that position the town as an active and attractive place to live — a huge decision factor when selecting the college you want to move to. We shot some nice pics and wrote some nice descriptions and include the guide in a nifty visitor’s kit that everyone receives after their campus tour.

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