You Were Born To Learn at Spartanburg Methodist College

Designed to appeal to first generation college student prospects, who may not graduate at the top of their high school class, this commercial counters any potential argument that a student might feel like their not “good” at school.
Spartanburg Methodist College takes the view that you were born to learn, but that doesn’t mean you were born to spend your life on a plastic chair in a beige room waiting for your name to be called or your test to be graded. SMC points out that you’ve never stopped learning, inside or outside the classroom. You are constantly growing and making connections naturally through activities and challenges that are relevant to you, personally. And now that you get to choose how you’re going to continue your education, you can choose a school that’s built around you.
Spartanburg Methodist College’s courses are taught the way you were meant to learn. Curiosity. Surprise. Relationships. Achievements. SMC believes these are the things that define you, and the tools they use to create hands-on experiences truly mean something to you. The result is a highly individualized education that’s never mass-produced.

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